Veda Chanting


The Sound has always been of great importance in every tradition.  It is the first thing we perceive, even before our birth, when we are growing in the womb of our mother.  At birth, sound is our first expression.  Hearing and expressing sounds is therefore a natural activity for all of us.  According to many cultures, the origin of the universe is to be found precisely in the sound.  When we try to connect with the Source of everything, we do it through the sound.

What is a Mantra?

  Mantra-s are powerful sounds.  Pronounced in the right way and with the right intentions they produce specific vibrations inside us.  These vibrations can positively influence our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual body.

 Some mantra-s have energetic effects, others are relaxing or balancing.  There are mantras related to chakras, elements, prana, mind, etc.  

The most powerful of all mantra-s is the Om sound, which is said to contain the whole Vedic knowledge.  For this reason it must always be pronounced with great respect and awareness.

The Veda-s

 According to the tradition, the great sages of the past during their deep meditation, received the Veda knowledge in the form of mantras.  For this reason the Vedic texts, which are a huge collection of mantras, are also called “the revealed” texts.  Later, the sages passed on their knowledge To their disciples in an oral form.

 Through the sound it was possible to memorize huge quantities of knowledge, even before writing was invented.

Today we can access the precious teachings on the Vedic Chant thanks to the great Yogi Sri T. Krishnamacharya.  In fact, breaking a millennial ban, he decided to teach women and anyone who had a sincere desire to learn this invaluable patrimony, until then jealously guarded by the Brahmana caste.

The Vedic Chant has been declared by UNESCO an intangible heritage of humanity on Novembre 7th 2003.

Why chanting the Veda-s?

 The strictly attention needed to repeat exactly what you heard from the teacher improve your memory, concentration and the ability to stay focused without distractions.  These effects become more powerful over the time and with a regular practice.  The Vedic Chant allows you to experience a very special silence.  This is because, while listening the teacher, there must be silence in your mind.  Nothing else must enter the mind, otherwise you will not be able to repeat exactly.  The more the mind is silent and absorbed in listening, the more the ability to stay focused for a long time develops.

Therefore we can say that the practice of Veda recitation is itself a form of meditation.

 The process of  Veda chanting requires a good exhalation which calms the mind and strengthens the Praṇa, the vital force connected with the breath.

 Chanting is very stimulating and invigorating. It has cathartic effects and helps to overcome fears and to develop creativity and skills.  Those who chant feel joy in the heart and a special contentment coming from inside.

  We can say that Mantra-s  do for the mind what yoga postures (asanas) do for the body (David Frawley).

Antonella Valentinetti 

  I’m a certified Yoga and Vedic Chant teacher in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar (Viniyoga).

I started studying the Vedas during the course to become a yoga teacher in 2008.

  Since then I felt in love with Veda Chanting and I have never left it. I travelled to India eight times in the past seven years to continue my studies with the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai (

  I received the  diploma of Vedic Chant Teacher in 2016 from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

Today I’m regularly studying the Vedas with my Indian teachers.

  My courses are recognized in Italy by YANI, National Association of Yoga Teachers.

My classes are mainly composed by yoga teachers.  They are studying Veda mantras to extend their knowledge of the source of Yoga. But anyone with a concrete interest in this discipline is welcome in my classes.

  My deep gratitude to all my teachers which are generously transmitting this invaluable treasure to me.